Reinventing the Wheel: A Comprehensive Review of Mend It Kit’s MTB Core First Aid Kit

Posted by Ransom Cutshall on 7th Oct 2023

Reinventing the Wheel: A Comprehensive Review of Mend It Kit’s MTB Core First Aid Kit

First aid kits are nothing new, and they all contain the same general components. So why don’t more mountain bikers carry them? By optimizing weight, form factor, accessibility, and component selection, the MTB Core First Aid Kit leverages innovation and ingenuity to introduce the next generation of first aid kits to the world. And we are starting off by aiming specifically at the mountain biking community.

What sets the MTB Core apart from any other first aid kit on the market? First, it attaches directly to the bike frame using a CAT-style tourniquet, allowing you to set the kit one time and forget about it until you need it! Second, it utilizes a zero-waste configuration to reduce weight and form factor by packaging all the components inside a wrist splint, so every single component of the kit is usable. It also utilizes intentional component selection of only the most critical things to get you off the trail safely. And if we can’t find just the right parts, we will just build it ourselves! The carbon fiber 3D-printed finger splint is our answer to a lightweight and flat-packing finger splint, because nothing else out there met the demanding weight and size requirements for this premium product.

With less than 6 ounces, this kit provides you with the capability to treat an incredibly wide array of injuries, ranging from the most minor cuts and scrapes (use the Band-Aids and Neosporin) to severe fractures, breaks, and bleeds (you’ll be looking at the custom-sized SAM splint, tourniquet, gauze, medical tape). All of the interior components are sealed into two waterproof packets, letting you ride in the rain, mud, snow, and wind. And no matter how dirty your first aid kit gets, you can always hit it with the hose after a dusty ride, and it will come out the other side looking as fresh as ever.

The bright orange packaging of this kit may not match most people’s bikes, but we designed it to jump out and catch the eye of anyone passing by on the trail. Sometimes the worst crashes result in the incapacitation of the rider, and in the event someone finds you knocked-out on the side of the trail, the visibility of the first aid kit may mean the difference between life and death… or at least getting off the trail safely. And if you or anyone who finds you isn’t the most comfortable with first aid application, the quick-reference card inside the kit will assist with both determining the type of injury, as well as how to treat it using the materials provided.

When we originally started looking around for a first aid kit to ride with, we realized that we didn’t care about sunscreen, or anti-sting cream, or 8,000,000 Band-Aids, or all the other excessive things that come with most conventional first aid kits on the market. We wanted something small, light, and suited perfectly to the dangerous activity that we choose to partake in. Mend It Kit’s MTB Core first aid kit is our offering to all of you who seek the same level of safety and preparedness that we did, in a one-stop-shop built specifically for you. So what are you waiting for, grab your MTB Core today, strap it to your bike, clip in, and never again will you have to send it without a Mend It!