Trailside Essentials: Building Your Ultimate Mountain Biking First Aid Kit

Posted by Nathaniel Cutshall on 22nd Sep 2023

Trailside Essentials: Building Your Ultimate Mountain Biking First Aid Kit

When you embark on your mountain biking adventures, the thrill of the trail should be your primary focus. However, it is essential to stay prepared for those unexpected situations you may find yourself in. That is why every mountain biker should assemble a first aid kit with components catered to the injuries seen most commonly in mountain biking. Below, we will review some of the essential components that should be found in a first aid kit on the mountain biking trailside.

  • SAM style Splint: This tool can help to support an injured limb by immobilizing fractures and sprains.
  • CAT Style Tourniquet: In severe bleeding emergencies, a tourniquet can be a life-saving device by controlling major blood loss. See tourniquet application instructions by Stop the Bleed initiative HERE.
  • Finger Splint: Finger injuries happen often on the trail. A finger splint in your first aid kit will help to immobilize that injury and get you off the trails safely.
  • Gauze Pads: From holding pressure on bleeding to soaking in water to clean a wound, to covering a large abrasion or trail-rash, gauze pads are a fantastic all-around first aid essential
  • First Aid Tape: First Aid Tape has endless uses; from securing gauze on a wound to taping over a blister, to taping on a splint, first aid tape is a must in a trailside kit!
  • BandAids: BandAids just don’t need explaining. These are an Age-Old supply that should be found in any type of first aid kit.
  • Safety Pin: Collarbone (Clavicle) injuries are a common injury in the mountain biking world, and triangle bandages are a bulky item to include in a small, lightweight first aid kit. Although a t-shirt can be worn to create a sling by itself, including a stainless steel safety pin in your kit will make it easier to fashion an arm sling out of that riding jersey or shirt.
  • SteriStrip: For laceration and deeper cuts that need a bit more than a BandAid, SteriStrips can help to close that wound until you can get off the trail and seek further medical attention.
  • Alcohol Swabs: A dirty wound is no good. Alcohol swabs can help to clean a wound surface, as well as the area around the wound to help BandAids or first aid tape stick.
  • Skin Prep: Skin prep wipes are little sticky swabs which you can use around the area of the wound. When it dries, it helps bandage adhesion by making the skin a little bit sticky.
  • Antibiotic Ointment: The last thing you want after getting an injury, is for delayed healing or infection to take place. Antibiotic ointment, like Neosporin, will help to seal in that wound as well as kill unwanted bacteria in that injury.
  • Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen: These over-the-counter medications can help reduce the pain and swelling of the injuries that happen out on the trail. Without access to ice-packs, Icy Hot, and other relief agents, adding a few of these medications are a small and lightweight addition to a first aid kit.

Building your mountain biking first aid kit with the Mend It Kits Core as your inspiration ensures that you are well prepared for many trailside emergencies! Each component of your first aid kit should hold a vital role in addressing injuries and maintaining your well-being during your adventures!

Remember, preparation is key, and your safety should never take a backseat to excitement. With your kit assembled and your knowledge honed, you can confidently embrace the thrill of mountain biking, knowing that you are equipped to handle challenges and injuries the trail may present! So gear up, hit the trails, and ride with confidence, knowing you have your mountain biking first aid kit by your side and ready to help whenever needed!

If you want to leave your first aid kit building to the professionals, check out our Mend it Kits MTB Core first aid kit!