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Shred the trails in safety! The Mend It Kits MTB Kicker is the first micro first-aid kit specifically for mountain bikers. With a total weight of only 0.8 oz you won’t even notice it, until you need it!


The MTB Kicker Finger Splint is made of a high-performance carbon-fiber reinforced polymer and also functions as a bike mount. Attach it under your water bottle cage, or break off the splint with a simple twist and slip it in a pocket.


All first-aid supplies are enclosed in a weather-proof bag and rolled up in the signature finger splint. A stainless steel safety pin is included to allow a jacket or shirt to function as a sling for arm and collarbone injuries.


So mount this kit on your bike and make sure you're prepared for anything the next time you hit the trails. Remember: Don't Send It Without a Mend It!



  • Kicker Finger Splint (1)
  • Velcro Ties (2)
  • Heat Sealed Bag (1)
    • Tylenol (2x 500mg)
    • Neosporin (1)
    • Steri Strips (1 pack of 3 strips)
    • Band Aids (2)
    • ALcohol Prep Pads (2)
    • Stainless Steel Safety Pin (1)



*By ordering Mend It Kits LLC First Aid Kits, you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. Mend It Kits LLC assumes no liability for their misuse.